Welcome To AL FASSIA

We are proud to say that since our opening in 1987 we have been providing our guests with the finest in refined Moroccan hospitality.

Our story began with the first  Moroccan Restaurant in Guéliz, the city center of Marrakech-  at that time that employed only women.

The original idea for this restaurant came from Mohammed Chab (our Father, a professional hotelier) and our late Mother, Fatima Chab who was the ‘driving force” that trained  the women in the Kitchen as well as in  the Service. Let us not forget that, at the time over 30 years ago, it was a premiere in Morocco!

Staying at AL FASSIA is...

Make our Guests feel at home!

Much more than a promise, it is our purpose.

All our life, we were immersed in the hospitality world. It was therefore natural  to maintain this tradition by bringing the intimate, warm and family atmosphere that a Riad can offer.

Each one of our Mosaic tiles has been handcrafted and sculpted.

Each one of the plants in our garden has been carefully selected.

AL FASSIA is a Riad where authenticity meets harmony with the sole aim of subjugating your mind.


 AL FASSIA Aguedal Restaurant invites you to dine outside in the coolness of its garden or, inside, in one of our luxurious comfortable and cozy moroccan lounges.

AL FASSIA GUELIZ  Restaurant is the perfect place for Lunch or Dinner in the very heart of Marrakech.



Rejuvenate your mind and body

Relax and Enjoy the benefits of the traditional Moroccan Hammam!

And pick your type of Massage:

Relaxing, toning or berber.

To Discover…



"It’s run entirely by women, but you won’t just get a hit of girl power at this Marrakech favourite. It offers a cosy, exotic atmosphere, and the authentic Moroccan cuisine is pretty good, too. Just make sure you book ahead – this place gets busy."


"Al Fassia, the all-woman high-octane restaurant: order the Moroccan salad starter and be transported!"

The Irish Times

"Al Fassia is one of the leading lights of the Marrakech dining scene. It’s not just the richly-hued dining room with its cushion-strewn baquettes and heavy white table cloths that sets it apart, but the Chaab sisters Fassi heritage which brings a touch of culinary refinement to many traditional dishes."

The Telegraph

"ll s’impose depuis vingt-cinq ans comme la référence. Ce petit restaurant de Guiliz met à l’honneur la ville: salades, soupe traditionnelle, tajines, couscous, pastilla de pigeon, kebab… Aux fourneaux comme en salle, seules les femmes sont aux commandes."

Paris Match

"Al Fassia, the unmissable address of Moroccan gastronomy!"


"We chose to have lunch at Al Fassia, a restaurant that began life more than 30 years ago as a women’s co-operative and is today considered one of the finest places to eat in the city."

The Independent

"There are few really exciting restaurants in Marrakesh perhaps with the exception of al-Fassia, a restaurant run entirely by women."

Krish Examiner