Set in the Aguedal area of Marrakech


A story that starts with a Family

“To better understand where AL FASSIA comes from, we have to go back in time 30 years ago.

A different Morocco, a crazy idea at that time :

Create and launch the first Moroccan Restaurant in the city center that employs only women. Our father Mr Mohammed CHAB, with the precious help of our late mother Lalla Fatima, made the promise to turn the idea into reality.

And so began the Story of AL FASSIA with the first Restaurant in Guéliz (town center) in Marrakech.

A Boutique-hotel, two Moroccan restaurants and a thousand memories later, no doubt that idea became a success.

In addition to Al FASSIA, our family has grown. If our mother is no longer in the kitchen, my sister and I have taken over the reins of this very special house, bringing a touch of modernity while preserving our parents know-how and values.

Authenticity and calm are a must, as are our guests, full members of this family and without whom this idea wouldn’t have turned into a reality.

On behalf of the entire team, it is always a pleasure to transmit the dream of a Stay at Al FASSIA.

To all our Guests and future guests, Welcome to AL FASSIA!”


Myra Chab

Onsite Manager and owner


All year round, on ALL rooms if you book directly with us.